The applications are (re)open during the first days of August. The goal of the application form is to collect information of the candidates and to evaluate if you are prepared to face this kind of challenge (doesn’t mean that you have to be experienced in long-distance cycling). If you are with us concerning the event’s values and principles, if you are aware of the rules concerning self-supported ultracycling and to evaluate your commitment level with the event and organization.

Important information: download and read the 'Adventure Manual' before you fill the form. The source of some answers are there, some depend of your online research, knowledge and spirit. You can answer in English or Portuguese.

After you submit the form you will find in this page a confirmation message (discrete, but there will be a confirmation message). Anyway, we will send you an email back (within a 48 hours time window). In case of any answer after 48 hours, firstly check your spam box and then send us an email