The inaugural edition of 'Gravel Birds Ultracycling' started on September 12 2022 at sunrise local time (07:12:53). 14 riders departed from Castro Verde heading the Alentejo hills and plains. The 'birds' faced unexpected and adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind and rain, increasing the emotional challenge. The fastest rider was Marcus Bonito. He rode the set route with 750 kilometers, 7.500 meters of elevation gain and 75% off road in less than two days: 47 hours and 29 minutes. André Alves was the second fastest and Miguel Rola the third. 9 of the 14 'birds' finished the route.

The participants of the inaugural edition of 'Gravel Birds Ultracycling':

André Alves

Joaquim Santos

João Elias

João Lourenço

Luís Lopes

Marcus Bonito

Miguel Rola

Paulo Ferreira

Rui Alves

Rui Tremoceiro

Ryan Le Garrec

Sjors Mahler

Tiago Neves

Tiago Semedo

Gravel Birds 2022 Adventure Manual/Roadbook


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